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Ben & Lynn's Screen Door (1961 13' Front Kitchen)

This Scotty came with the jalousy windowed door and did not have the combination door/screen door hinge. Ben fabricated a wooden bifold screen for it. He included a loose hinge pin on the inside of the door so it can be swung as a single piece door when in camp, but remove the pin and it folds accordion style so as to make it less invasive on the interior when all is closed up.

Bi-fold screen door frame hinged and mocked up to finish detailing. Works well!

Screen door mortised hinge detail. Necessary to make the seam between
the closed door sections tight as possible. We are trying to keep bugs out here!

Poplar screen door frame gouged/chiseled out to accept the small finger latch.

Screen door with small "flush" recessed finger latch. This was necessary as to
not catch clothing/objects on the screen door latch upon entering through
the already too-small opening.

Loose pin hinge on the inside of the bi-fold screen door allows the door
sections to be easilly locked together to operate as one unit, but the loose
pin is easy to remove for bi-fold feature. The screen door frame will also be installed using three loose pin hinges to make entire unit's removal easy.

Screen door spring loaded clasp hardware. This will keep the screen
door tightly closed when desired but easy to open for exit or entry.

Bi-folded door in travel position

Upper shelf with screw/wingnut to hold things in place for travel

Upper hinge on shelf. Top hole is for screw/wingnut assembly to hold door in place for travel

Lower hinge, end of dinette bench

The loose pin hinge holds the door as one unit when in full screen door mode.
A washer was welded onto the loose pin for easy insertion or removal.

Loose pin with washer welded on. Door is held tightly as one unit with this simple locking hinge arrangement.

Clasp at front of door to hold door shut.

A nice view from the inside looking out.

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