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In September we are camping for a week at Wilderness State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan. This will be a road trip, of a sort, since we will use Wilderness as our base camp and journey from there to various sites encompassing the upper left quadrant of Michigan's lower peninsula and even, if attendees desire, cross over the Mighty Mac and head up to the Soo Locks for a tour there. The NSSO has had multiple events where we've viewed freighters using the St. Lawrence Seaway through Michigan waterways and the Soo Locks is what allows them access into Lake Superior from Lake Huron/Michigan/Erie. See more...

In November we are doing a six event road trip. Several are making the entire journey, including Mabel and me, but no one has to do that. If any of the stops are close to you, please feel free to join us for just that/those stops - some are in fact doing just that. First stop is two nights at Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, IN, Nov. 1 and 2. Looks like a beautiful park with lots to see and do right there. Go to the Southern Road Trip page...

From Spring Mill we will spend three nights, Nov. 3, 4 and 5, at Tombigbee State Park in Tupelo, MS. Tombigbee itself is beautiful with much to see, but Tupelo, for Elvis fans, is the place of his birth and you can tour his birthplace. Go to the Southern Road Trip page...

To travel to our next stop we will take the Natchez Trace, with many stops along the way. This cypress swamp is one of them. Go to the Southern Road Trip page...

Stop three of the road trip is Natchez State Park in Natchez, MS for three nights, Nov. 6, 7 and 8. Natchez is a beautiful city with lots of things to see and do and we will do a side trip across the Mighty Mississippi to Louisiana just because we can! Go to the Southern Road Trip page...

Stop four is Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL for three nights, Nov. 9, 10 and 11. Lots of hiking trails and beautiful water falls to see in the park, but side trips will include a 30 minute drive to Birmingham to see some sights there and some other cool things as well. Go to the Southern Road Trip page...

Final stop is Cumberland Falls State Park in Corbin, KY for two nights, Nov. 11 and 12. Besides the beautiful falls, Corbin is the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken and I think a stop at the museum and cafe for lunch is probably a must do! Go to the Southern Road Trip page...

The Southern Road Trip will be our final event of 2018, be sure to check below for our 2019 events. Calhoun Falls is fully booked but you can keep checking online reservations for a cancellation if you want to join us. Too soon to reserve for any of the other 2019 events but do be thinking about them. With online reservations, we pretty much need to reserve our sites as soon as reservations open for our dates.

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  • Elaine Wagnon, Attalla


  • Jeff Myers, Parker


  • Gary Futrill, Adrian


  • Thomas Anderson, Wyanet


  • Suzanne & Ed Harmon, Boothbay


  • James Adams, Owosso


  • Deborah Scott, Ridgedale

New Hampshire

  • Kay Huston, Moultonborough

North Carolina

  • Peggy & Tom Sellers, Wallace
  • Mike and Chastity Smith, Peachland


  • David Loy, Westlake


  • Wendy Young, Luther


  • Larry Fleeman, Springfield


  • Melissa Hail, Brady


  • Patrick Craig, Fairfax


  • Karin Vail, SedroWoolley


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