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Aluminum Trim
    Don & Marlee recommend them - lots of other useful trailer stuff as well.
    They have some trims that might be useful. They do their own extruding, so you may be able to get some custom made to the lengths you need.
  • Jones Metal Moldings - edging 3/4" polished with holes. Anne and Randy also used this same edging for the edge of their drop-down and the cove molding here for the bottom of the drop-down.
  • New York Metals

Ron Thuma reported this (May, 2010)

I ordered 1/2" cove molding from Vintage Trailer Supply and their source for the cove molding is Macklanburg-Duncan (M-D Building Products) You'll find their stuff in lumber yardshardware stores, farm supply stores...on and on, nationwide! The 1/2" cove molding - a near-exact match to the original Scotty one - is M-D item A-747, and I suspect any of us can find a nearby source that carries M-D products: if they don't stock that item, many of them probably would be willing to add the number of pieces you need to their stock order, and you can go back in a few days and pick it up right there, with no shipping costs. 



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