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Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Gardners, PA September 9-15, 2019

Who's coming: (Let Mabel or Molly know if you have made your reservation!)

  • Mike, Jake and Dakota, site 29
  • Zach and Jenn and the boys, site 30 (F-Sn)
  • Tommy Schardt, site 32
  • Dan and April Speed, site 36
  • William, Ruth, Sparky and Kibble Megargee, site 38
  • George, Lin and Betsy Statler, site 39 (T-Sn)
  • Wes and Dottie Cray, site 40 (Th-F)
  • Ed and Peggy Kowalski, site 41
  • Michael, Jamie and Russell Leichty, site 42
  • Linda Besore and Linda Barton, 2 dogs and granddaughter, site 43
  • Nancy, Mabel and Molly Kroes, site 44
  • Laurie and (maybe) Bryon Russell, site 45
  • Pamela and Darrell Loy, site 46 (M-Sa)
  • Karen Carelli, site 47(?)
  • John Stavisky, site 50


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