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They were made in various forms and under various names as far back as the 30s and well into the 50's (or even the 60s and 70s for the newer-styled electric models). They work great, and are perfect for an ovenless Scotty! They are almost always available on Ebay and many are still "new in box" (wedding presents, never used perhaps?). We've been using one since 2004 and Mabel, winner of two, including the first-ever, Ovenette cook-offs, swears by her's! I've scanned in the recipe booklet/instruction guide. If you print it front and back, you can actually put it together like the original.

If you have anything to add, or more recipes, please e-mail me.

Mabel the Ovenette Cook!
Mabel the Award Winning Ovenette Cook!

Courtesy of fr8tshaker: I accidentally found a source to get replacement pans while searching on Amazon for personal pizza pans. I wanted 2 of these so I could half the recipe of a standard 2 layer cake and pour the batter in these 2 little pans so I would end up with the perfect size 2 layer cake for 2 people.

Wilton Cake pans come in many different diameters and depths. I realized that the meat pan which is the most difficult to replace due to its high sides could be obtained through Wilton. Also the individual muffin cups could be replaced with their very small diameter cake pans. Of course the round cake pan and pie pan are quite easy to replace, as is the rack.

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