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Replacing your axle

Repairing your original axle

  • From Bob: An easy fix for the weak spring on the original Scotty axle: If you look at the axle you will see that one end of the spring is inside the saddle (this is what is bolted to the frame) and the other end is in a welded bracket that is fastened to the axle.This little bracket needs to be cut off the axle and moved forward on the axle 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I would suggest that you move it about 3/8 inch and tack the brackets fast to the axle, then put the axle back under the trailer, install the tires and check the ride height. You may need to do this a couple of times till you get it set right. When you're happy with it,finish welding the brackets. I've done this to about a half dozen trailers and it works really well. It was done to my Silverside that we took to Calif two years ago and I put over 6,000 miles on it and the trailer rode great. You must remove the axle to do this. It's a great, cheap, easy fix to a weak spring problem. Be sure you mark the location of the brackets before you cut them off.

  • From Daniel: This is how I gave new life to the tired old springs.

    Before - see how low

    I unloaded any gear out of the camper and leveled it. Then I marked the position of the axle. In this photo
    I have removed the axle and it is upside down. Where the axle used to sit is marked by the yellow chalk.
    I needed this mark to determine how much the axle needs to rotate.

    The stock axle. Note where the end of the spring is.

    After determining the angle, I welded a new spring retainer in the new position. My spring was so weak
    I didn't need to remove the old retainer. Took some force to get the springs back into position.

    The Scotty now sits 4 1/2" higher and rides without bottoming out. Note this took about four hours. A high
    skill level is required. Setting springs was extremely dangerous so do at your own risk!



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