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Zach Engle's in Cabinet A/C Solution

The Scotty now has air conditioning, for when we're at a campground and have access to electric hookup. If we're boondocking, we could run the unit off a 2200w inverter generator, or we have to 'rough it' and settle for the roof fan.

The A/C is built into the cabinet below the stove, and vents out the side wall of the camper, through the original vents for the original refrigerator. Its built on a sliding assembly that makes installation easy.

Using my experience with installing A/C in the teardrop, I built a shroud to isolate and direct the hot exhaust down and out the lower side wall louver. The fresh air comes in the top louver, also with some fresh air pulling from around the front of the A/C unit.

Condensate is drained out the bottom of the unit, through a tube that exits where the hot air louver is. This tube gets tucked inside the louver when not in use.

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