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NSSO Membership Rules

The National Serro Scotty Organization (NSSO) is a community of talented people who:

  1. want to share information about their Scottys (or other small vintage trailers)
  2. like to help other vintage trailer owners
  3. enjoy camping together from time to time.

Membership in this organization is a social contract. By requesting membership in the NSSO, you agree to contribute meaningfully to the community, support its values, and respect other members. In return, you will profit from the collective experiences and resources of the members.


This is a professional group, please:

  • Be respectful.

  • Be helpful in your replies.

  • Refrain from any personal attacks. Stating an opposing view may be acceptable, but calling someone names or questioning their intelligence and/or abilities is not acceptable.

  • Anyone who shows disrespect to others, will be removed from the Facebook group and the organization, if a member, with no refund of membership fee. This may seem harsh, but this organization should remain a peaceful and harmonious place to come in our busy lives!


National Serro Scotty Organization | Delton, Michigan 49046