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Skidaway State Park, Savannah, GA
November 14-19, 2017

We will visit Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, founded in 1733. It was a planned city on the banks of the Savannah River, 17 miles upriver from the Atlantic Ocean and still a very busy seaport. Skidaway Island State Park has large sites, decent bath/shower facilities and is a convenient location for seeing the sights. Our visit will include the historic downtown with its beautiful squares as well as River Street where the many old cotton factor wearhouses have been remodeled into shops and the street is paved with ballast stone from the early days. We will also drive out to Tybee Island, which is also known as Savannah beach. It is the outermost island with a beautiful beach and a lighthouse that can be climbed for a fee with an unmatched view. On the way there we will stop at Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island, a pre-civil war fort that is now a National Monument. It was surrendered to the Union Army during the civil war and it is a must see sight (dogs permitted). For those who desire, there are carriage tours of downtown Savannah and also river tours.

The only thing scheduled is the potluck and Yankee Gift Swap on Saturday. The potluck will be at 5 p.m. with the Yankee Swap immediately following. Yankee Gift Swap is anyone who wants to participate brings something in the $15-20 range. Can be camper, camping or Scotty dog related. Wrap it. All participating draw numbers. Number one chooses a gift. Then everyone else does by number. They can choose to keep their's or exchange with someone else. At the end, number one gets to decide keep or exchange with anyone else. Can be lots of fun. One of the first I attended I took a Scotty hubcap clock. I think that one changed hands at least 30 times before number one (Don McIver) wound up with it. I will be doing official event photos prior to the potluck and if you've not yet seen others' campers, you can do so at the photo shoot.

Information for this event - downloadable PDF for you to take with you!

Who's coming: (Let Mabel know if YOU are coming!)

  • Nancy, Mabel and Matty Kroes, site reserved
  • Michael, Jamie & Russell Leichty, site reserved
  • Ed & Peggy Kowalski, site reserved
  • Bill & Karen Pruss, site reserved
  • George, Lin & Betsy Statler, site reserved
  • Marvin and Joy Taylor, site reserved
  • Ted and Debbie Pierce, site reserved
  • Cheryl, Scott, Boo Boo and Nina Ovenshire, site reserved
  • Hunter Jones Hampton, site reserved
  • Jenna Resor, site reserved
  • Sam and Ann Smith, site reserved
  • Paul Hedges, site reserved
  • Larry Fulcher, site reserved
  • Elaine and Don Hollingsworth, site reserved
  • Wes and Vi Janz, site reserved
  • Jana, Steve and Brew Forst, site reserved
  • Don, Nena, Lulu and Jackson Lambert, at least coming to visit
  • Gale and Judy Wilhelm, site reserved
  • Janis Holmes and Van Gilbert, site reserved


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