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Fall Creek Falls State Park, Van Buren, TN
May 22-28, 2018

We will camp at beautiful Fall Creek Falls State Park in Van Buren, TN over Memorial weekend in 2018. It isn't just the 256 foot vertical plunge of the main falls, but the fact that the nearby area within Fall Creek Falls State Park has another five waterfalls, all unique and of those five a couple that are really impressive.

This is a CCC park that ownership of was transferred to the state of TN in 1944. Those of you who have camped at Letchworth in NY, know how beautiful CCC parks can be. There are 222 campsites at the campground. Will post closer to the date which sites we should try for.

Since some of those coming were unable to book sites for the entire event, we will hold a Wednesday, May 23 "Meet and Greet". This is a bring your chairs and favorite or best appetizer type food and whatever beverages you want to drink. It will be held at someone's site (to be determined) and perhaps a campfire following. In addition, we are having a best $10 thrift shop costume contest. We will vote at the event and someone will take home a prize!

Who's coming: (Let Mabel know if you have made your reservation!)

  • Lin and George and Betsy! Statler, site B54
  • Karen Carr, site B62
  • Brad Long, site B63 (5/23-25)
  • Gale and Judy Wilhelm, site B64
  • Craig "Zero" and Judy Hardwick, site B65
  • Gina and Charlie Davis, site B66 5/22-25
  • Nate, Lindsay and Saber Hedden, site B67
  • Allyson Kraft, site B68
  • Ed, Peggy and Maddie Matters, site B69
  • Mike, Jamie and Russell Leichty, site B70
  • Nancy and Mabel Kroes, site B71
  • Don and Elaine Hollingsworth, site B72
  • Paul Hedges, site B73 5/22-5/25
  • Brenda Branch, site B75
  • Margie and Tom Fisher, site B76
  • Dick and Joann Nagy, site B78
  • Susie and Robert Pickett, site B81
  • Larry Fulcher, site B83
  • Jess and Sue Pride, site C144


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